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General Help

If you don't have a team to register for a season, don't worry, you still have an opportunity to play by registering yourself as a player on the free market.

The free market is basically a list of interested players who are looking for a team to play in. The free market is accessible to all team contacts, so don't be surprised if you receive a range of team invitations which you can either accept or reject.

The club administrator also has access to the free market and will notify you if there are enough free players with similar criteria to make up a new team.

General Help

You can join a team by submitting a membership request or being sent an invitation to join.

To submit a membership request, navigate to the team page from the fixtures/results and click the "Request to join this team" button. The team contact will be notified and will be able to review your request and offer a place if it's available.

You will be notified via email if a membership request was accepted or a team sent you an invitation. If an invitation was sent, you will need to review the invite and accept it before joining the team. You will also have the opportunity to reject an invitation if the offering team doesn't meet your criteria.

When you create a user account, you must activate it via email before it can be used properly. This stops automated processes from creating fake accounts or from somebody creating accounts using somebody else's email address.

You will know if your account hasn't been activated because there will be a notice in your profile feed. Once your account has been activated, your feed will appear normally and all functions will be enabled.

When you complete your registration, you will be sent a confirmation email with an activation link. Find the email and follow the prompts to activate and login for the first time. After you've done this, you're ready to go.

If you need your activation email re-sent, click here and enter the email address of your account.

Only credit card payments can be confirmed at time of payment. Payments like bank transfers and cheques take time and during that time, the payment is marked as pending acceptance.

A payment will be marked as pending as soon as it is made and will be confirmed once the club administrator can confirm the funds have cleared.

Once the club administrator has confirmed the payment has been received or the cheque cleared, they will mark the payment as accepted and the total will come off the invoice balance.

Please keep transit/processing time in mind when paying your invoice. If you send a cheque or make a bank transfer on the day the invoice is due, it may not reach the club that day and you could be issued a late payment fee.

General Help

Your personal information is vital to our business so we take every precaution to keep it secure and only use it to keep you up-to-date on your sporting activities.

We will never distribute your personal information to any 3rd party not associated with your sporting activities. If you register to play with a certain club, only they will get access to your information through our admin interface.

We will never distribute your information for the purposes of advertising or for the sole purpose of making a profit.

We will never store any credit card information in our system.

Your trust is our #1 priority and keeping your personal information private is only the first part of our promise to you.

If you have any concerns or questions, please read our privacy policy or email

If you have any concerns or questions about security, please read our security policy or email

General Help

Refunds are handled on a per case basis depending on the terms provided by the club you registered with.

Please click here to find detailed information about refunds.

General Help

Game Tracking is a method for helping team members stay updated.

Please click here for more detailed information.