Game Tracking

Game Page

Game Tracking is designed to help team members stay updated, help captains track who can and cannot make games and provide a single place for game discussion.

Each of your games now has it's own game page, which provides a place for players to record their attendance and post messages to the game chat. All team members have access to this page and are free to post messages.

Team Page

Not only can you find your next game information from both your user and team profile pages, Game Tracking can also notify your players 12 hours before your next game with simple links to record their attendance. No more asking everyone whether they can make it or not!

Each player will also get notified via email (if they have Message Notifications enabled) if a message is posted to the game chat. This ensures everyone is kept updated on the latest discussion.

Email Reminder

To enable Game Tracking:

  1. Click on the Admin Functions button on your team page and select Edit Options
  2. Select Game Tracking
  3. Click Save and it's ready to go.

Once enabled, Game Tracking will contact all team members 12 hours before your next game. Feel free to check the next game page before this however and get the discussion started.

Please note, check your player memberships before enabling this feature to ensure all active players are playing this season. Since all active members will be notified, historical players may not appreciate the notifications.

If you have any trouble or feedback, we're always glad to hear it. Please submit your message via our contact page here